Neck Pain

Because of its flexibility, the neck can be especially vulnerable to injury, causing a variety of symptoms, including neck pain, migraine or tension headaches, shoulder pain, and even pain and numbness radiating down the arms and the hands. Our physicians will properly identify the cause of your pain and begin resolving the issues right away, providing you with fast relief.


Common Causes of Neck Pain

  • Abnormalities in the soft tissues (muscles, ligaments and nerves), as well as in the bones and joints of the spine
  • Degenerative and inflammatory diseases, including osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis
  • Cervical disc degeneration


At Back and Neck Doctors, we specialize in neck pain management and offers various options for treatment including the following:


Do you suffer from neck pain?

Back and Neck Doctors uses the latest technology that is non-invasive, non-surgical and proven effective to treat neck pain: DRX9000C™.